OBD2 OP-COM V1.45 OPEL Is Implementation As The Important Guarantee Of Repair

OBD2 OP-COM V1.45 OPELAutomobile comprehensive performance inspection is one of the main content of automobile transportation vehicle technology management, is the progress of science and technology and the combination of the technical management, is to check, identification of vehicle technical condition and important means of maintenance quality, OBD2 OP-COM V1.45 OPEL can detect almost all Opel cars, including the latest from the support of the CAN – BUS models, such as Vectra – C, Astra – H, the Fly – B etc.

This product comes with test program, can read and clear fault codes, shows data stream, can output test results, match The key, and support the remote control. OBD2 OP-COM V1.45 OPEL is suitable for most of the Opel car, even for a CAN bus based diagnosis system. The program enables you to read out and clear the default code, perform output test, support remote control and a button. Support multiple control unit. Diagnostic interface can function like a multiplexer, the default code will display all kinds of information. The default code text describes the comprehensive status information (at present, not in the current and intermittent) From the default code window can directly measure the congestion window. Application shows that the control module of blocking information, and can choose all kinds of information of the user program The program also showed eight measuring block parameters.

The main content of the test including power performance, fuel economy, safety, serviceability, exhaust pollution, noise and vehicle equipment integrity, waterproof sealing a variety of techniques such as the combination of performance. Automobile comprehensive performance testing station periodically provides a comprehensive performance and safe operation and project related to the environmental protection and comprehensive detection can improve the technical performance of the car, optimize the structure of security and to prevent traffic accidents, reduce the pollution of the environment, improve people’s health is of great significance. OBD2 OP-COM V1.45 OPEL is to facilitate maintenance technology development, the implementation as the important guarantee of repair.

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