OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Is The Latest Version Scanner

OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner is the latest laptop based scanning instrument. It supports all OBD II protocols, and with a number of software compatibility. Support production the OBD – Ⅱ protocol after 1996, diagnostic interface for the standard OBD 16 pin trapezoidal joint, can cooperate with a laptop computer, ordinary desktop computers and smart phones, can read car engine failure code (with code meaning), remove the fault code, monitoring the fuel consumption, engine and the real-time data of each sensors.

OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner uses OBD II software for free software, the computer connected to the car in the on-board computer hardware, using the software, you can get information you want from the onboard computer. Software friendly interface, easy to install. You just need to plug it on OBD interface, and open the mobile phone bluetooth, can be connected automatically, does not require any settings. The Torque in the display of data from the ECU to read is the most real and accurate data. It not only to monitor the running status of automobile engine, can also check the car usage information, such as fault code. The scanning instrument can according to the pulse nozzle opening of OBD to accurately calculate the instantaneous hundreds of kilometers of fuel consumption, is absolutely the necessary software in driving.OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner monitor the car’s real time condition through the OBD interface, it will auto run the working parameters of each sensors and actuators in random displayed directly, and one by one when driving to observe the working condition of automobile parts, also can be read in fault, after further check the failed parts and its changes in the driving situation, the analysis and check the failure is very effective. This will bring great convenience to trace a fault.

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