NITRINOS Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet Review

In case you’re big Cat fan, “Neko Helmets” are made only for you. Delivered by Russian organization Nitrinos motostudio, this exceptional kind of Cat Ear Helmet is accessible in 12 distinct plans which all element double ventilation, a removable 100% polyester lining and obviously, vehicle ears. Those can be had for $109.99 and can likewise be customized to your desires.

Cat ear helmet

The Design

Cat ears for bike caps come in various sizes; there are little ears, huge ears, straight ears, just as collapsed ears, and there are protective caps are planned precisely like the shape and sizes of Cat ears.

The cap performs two most significant capacities for bike rider. To start with, it ensures the head in case of an accident (pretty clear right?). Second, it gives an augmentation of your style and character that loves more than the bike you ride on.

Cat ear helmet


As per Nitrinos, despite the fact that fiberglass ears are solidly joined to the cap body, they will be obliterated with no threat when mishap occurs. Besides, they’re performed of through kind, so they won’t create additional opposition at 100 km/h.

In any case, while all motorcyclists merit solaces when riding, wind clamor drives them to interruption at untouched. Not just that, it can likewise do genuine damage to the ears. Accordingly, rides need to track down another option. In the market today, numerous items are uncommonly intended to limit the breeze commotion yet the majority of them don’t appear to make progress.

Car helmet

In established truth, oddity bike head protectors depend on Cat ears. As such, the ear covers for half caps are designed to work in similar component with the ears of a Cat. Correspondingly, the Cat like hide before the cap will divert and hoses wind stream from the motorcyclist’s ears, very like the half protective cap ear covers. Those covers can reduce the breeze commotion level (60%), yet can’t totally stop it since they’re not intended to cover every one of the ears. Also, human ears are far not quite the same as Cats’ and our ears can just work in low wind thickness and this isn’t viable with a cycling speed. In light of everything, genuinely mull over your wellbeing prior to choosing to purchase a Cat ear cruiser cap.

  • The following is the rundown of different highlights that this Cat ear head protector has to bring to the table:
  • High strength ABS shell, lightweight and effect obstruction
  • Smooth and lightweight plan lessens wind commotion
  • Multi-thickness EPS wellbeing cradle layer offers best in class energy ingestion.
  • Solace delicate 3D cushioning liner utilizes breathable specialized texture, hypoallergenic, completely removable and washable.
  • Admission and fumes ports guarantee a lot of ventilation to keep you cool
  • ABS ears are immovably fixed to the body of the protective cap
  • Fast delivering clasp framework, give wonderful security


This Cat ear helmet is perfect for cat lovers and available for purchase at which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

NITRINOS Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet Review
Article Name
NITRINOS Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet Review
Helmet is a very important accessory when driving a motorcycle. It protects your skull from injuries when an accident occur. Today, I will be introducing you to the Nitrinos Cat Ear Helmet. So join me as I show you what it has to offer to its users.

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