The Best Headlight Bulbs for Your Car

Are you having a problem driving your car at night because of insufficient or excessive light? Most of the road accident that occurs at night is caused by these lights. You don’t have to worry or be in an accident anymore. The NightEye COB LED car headlight bulbs are here to ensure that you see clearly while driving at night. Be it a fog night, drizzling night, or even a normal night these headlight bulbs are here for you. They will allow you to see clearly through the dark and also help you to adjust them when being torched by other cars.
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Features of NightEye COB LED car headlight bulbs.

Manufacturing material.
These headlight bulbs are made from aluminum alloy. This is the best material because it has a super high melting point and cannot be damaged by excess current. It is also an anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant surface. It cannot react with anything to tamper with its performance.

Lighting power.headlight bulbs
The source of light is COB LED chips. The chips have high lighting power and high luminance. They can also concentrate the light to allow you to see clearly. The headlight bulbs use 72W together and have a voltage of direct current ranging from 9V to 32V. All these help the bulbs to produce the best light for you.

NightEye COB LED car headlight bulbs are designed in a way that they are waterproof. This is a good assurance that they are not going to be affected by rain. You can light and see well in a rainy or foggy night without interference.
It is also designed to fit on any car head making it available for any type of car.
Beam pattern.
headlight bulbsThese headlight bulbs can be set to view high beam lighting or low beam lighting. These can help you to see things that are far and even focus at a short distance.
Advantages and benefits of using NightEye COB LED car headlight bulbs.
They have a high lifespan. The headlight is made with material that is strong and can prevent any damage that can be caused by anything.
The lights can be moderated to focus on far objects on the road and those that are near.
They have an effective light emission. Its efficiency can improve up to 30% brighter than other headlight bulbs.
Being waterproof make them the best to use in all seasons.


For you to travel safely you need to have a good headlight bulb. The bulbs will enable you to see clearly at night and prevent a lot of accident. The best bulbs to use are NightEye COB LED car headlight bulbs which are available in the market at affordable price. Buy yours today and you will not regret.

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