Night Vision Glasses: What is it used for?

Without any doubt, if you’re a driver, you know that when you drive at night it’s a bit more dangerous than during the day time. This is because the poor quality of light on the road and the constant lights that hit your eyes when other cars pass you by.
This is disturbing most times, and dangerous every time. A lot of accidents happened because the driver was blinded by the headlights from the other cars. This is where night vision glasses come in.
However this is not the only purpose of night Vision glasses. Below are some of it’s applications:

Night Vision glasses

The glasses let you navigate on foot or in a vehicle as if it was daylight. This is very effective in forest environment where you get confused by the overgrown paths. When you have to free roam a hazardous territory where headlights are totally incapable of providing a complete picture, night vision glasses let you see each step very clearly. With the help of night glasses, pilots of small aircraft can easily make their landing approaches in a gloomy environment.

Military Purposes
The armies across the world have been using these glasses for their night-time operations. Of course, they need to detect and shoot the enemies in the dark to secure the perimeter. Since the major military warfare of the last century, the technology of these glasses has advanced significantly. The true night vision glasses were invented during the Vietnam War. Though the usage of these glasses was first started by German tank drivers and US snipers during WW2, those glasses were based on simple “night glass” technology.

Law Enforcement
These glasses are more than useful for the law enforcement agencies. Aside from the capability of hunting down criminals in the dark, these glasses have some other unique features. Thermal imaging of an area will let you know about any criminal activity and even any hidden objects within the area.

Wildlife Activities
During the wildlife camping, you can use these glasses for better navigation of wilderness through the dark and to see night-time wildlife without scaring off the animals.

Security Purposes
There are a number of CCTV cameras that incorporate a few attributes of night vision, whereas the security personnel have to use these glasses for guarding a wide area. This lets them come near the criminals and intruders without warning the miscreants about their moves. These days, many private users have these glasses for personal needs.

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