The New Product For Cool, Skull Scarf Face Mask

skull scarf face maskIf you are a cyclists, you must want to have an equipment that fashion and practical. If you have a passion for dance, you must want to have an accessory that dazzling and will not affect the movement. Here is a new product, skull scarf face mask, set fashion, unique, practical and versatile features at a suit.

It adopts advanced polyester fiber materials, high quality hundred percent moisture absorption perspiration. And the unique seamless design, make the products have no annoying seam and the seam edge, soft and comfortable, has better flexibility and resilience. It use of special high performance polyester micro fiber with windproof and breathable. The skull print on the surface,  will not be fade even after washing, changeless form, do not reduce the micro fiber performance. Skull scarf face mask has various functional. Can be use as is prevented bask in headscarves, windproof masks, prevent bask in the mask, headband, such as function, more practical function are looking forward to your development. With keep out of dust, absorb sweat, the role of keep out sunshine, can also be fixed hair lady with long hair. There are many kinds of different method, transform the different effects, can be used as a headband, scarf and headband, dust cover, no eaves round cap, pirates hat, hoods, cuffs, collar, scarves, scarves, hair band, no eaves round cap, pirates hat, wristbands and so on.

In addition, this face mask can be reuse, and suitable for various occasions. No matter it is a winter skiing, summer sun, the night movement have suitable products, available in many outside of sports apparel, such as skiing, mountain climbing, motorcycle, bicycle, running, hiking, tennis, etc., of course, casual wear also great. Wear a skull scarf face mask, to be the most gorgeous fashion people in the crowd.

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