N9 mini GPS tracker, real time accurately tracking car tool

Today, I watched the TV news at home and the reporter said that there was one car stolen event happen last night that I think it is important for us to pay attention to the safety of our car and N9 mini GPS tracker is a good choice for you, which is a real time actually tracking car tool. Next, let me tell you some detailed information about it.
N9 mini GPS tracker N9 mini GPS tracker
It is mini size and portable. Overall black color and normal shape make it pretty good in hiding and miss the eyes of the thief. According to the picture on the right side, you can see it has a USB port used to charge for it built-in battery. Besides, there is the place in the back side of it to insert the GSM SIM card.
N9 mini GPS trackerN9 mini GPS tracker is an useful car tracking tool, which has the GSM voice with sound activation function. Moreover, it supports call back function. When your car had stolen, it will ring you and locate at the same time that you can search for your car.
N9 mini gps trackerAll in all, N9 mini GPS tracker is a helpful smallest security device that ensures the safety of your car. With the GSM and SPRS connection ways, it largely accurately tracks the location of your car. Just buy it and offering more safety in your car.

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