Multifunctional led tail indicator light

led tail indicator lightTail lights are mandatory component of your car. It not only enhances the looks of your car but also plays very vital role while driving at night. Suppose, you are driving your car at night at normal speed and suddenly someone hit your car from behind due to lack of visibility. This situation can certainly arise if you do not have good quality tail lights in your car. These lights indicate your presence to vehicles coming from behind and help in avoiding accidents.

Here is the 2*44 LED indicator tail light for boat, trailer, truck, and etc. The lifespan of these led tail indicator light can be up to 500000 hours with low power consumption. The wire was cast in pure copper. And 44 LEDs will definitely give your enough light during night driving. This light is not behind the plug, so if you do not know how to install them, you should go find an electrician.
led tail indicator lightled tail indicator light
Unified behind the black line is defined as negative ground lines. Yellow is shift, white is the reversing light line, and the red line is the brake lights. Blue is the running lights. Before the first black wire is connected, you should turn the car open and running lights, turn right on the line. Besides, each lamp has 44 LEDs to insure a fully watertight feature. These lamps suit 12V only applications.
led tail indicator lightled tail indicator light

LED Tail Indicator Light specs:

Type: Tail Rear light
Size: Super Slim ( 30mm)
Dimensions: 320 mm x 140 mm
Distance between bolts: 302 mm
Polycarbonate Lenses Light Color: Red, Clear and Amber
Function: Stop, Tail, Reverse and Indicator!
Light, Indicator Type: LED
Voltage: 12V
Suitable for: Trailers, Trucks, Cars, Boats,Caravan, Camper, etc.

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