Motorcycle Headlight For Harley: At Night. Don’t Forget to Use Your Headlight!

If you’re one of those people who avoid riding your bike at night, chances are you’ll still occasionally find yourself needing to get from A to B under the cover of darkness with only your motorcycle headlights to guide your way. So, whether you’ve been working overtime or enjoyed an evening out, increasing your road safety and being aware of the dangers of night riding are essential.Motorcycle Headlight For HarleyYou already know that, as a biker, you’re less visible to other road users, even in daylight but what about at night? Now we’re not just dealing with distracted drivers stressing out in the rush hour or harassed parents doing the school run, we’re throwing your own limited visibility, nocturnal animals and even drivers who may have had one too many drinks into the mix.

Plus, you’re already at a disadvantage by being one of the least ‘in your face’ road users – your rear light in particular may barely register on a motorist’s radar, especially if they’re tired and also dealing with distorted light and shadows.

So how should you deal with these potential perils?

The first thing to remember is that your enemy is lack of visibility and that your aim is to increase your presence on the road by making yourself as ‘large’ as possible!

Motorcycle Headlight For HarleyIt goes without saying that your motorcycle headlights are your first line of defense, so make sure your bulbs are functioning correctly and replace them at the first sign of failure. To really get the most from your lights, consider upgrading your current halogen bulbs to HID or LED motorcycle headlight bulbs.

Both LED and HID headlight bulbs are far brighter (and have a much longer life span) than halogens. HID lights, in particular, throw a wide-sweeping beam of intense blue-white light onto the road ahead which lights your way much more effectively than the standard manufacturer fitted bulbs.

It’s also well worth investing in extra headlights too. Many bikes are only fitted with one but by adding dual headlights you’ll increase not just your own area of vision but you’ll stand out more to oncoming traffic too.

While we’re on the subject of lighting, take a look at your motorcycle tail lights and indicator lights too. Replace a small tail or brake light with a larger one and install LED bulbs as replacements for your indicator/turn lights.

Staying safe doesn’t have to cost a fortune and if you’re looking for cheap and easy ideas, don’t overlook reflective or hi-visibility clothing and reflective tape or decals.

Hi-visibility clothing is crucial. Obviously it makes you easier to see but if worn correctly it also outlines the body, so that motorists will actually see YOU and not mistake the tape for the blur of another car’s lights.

Reflective tape is another excellent way to increase your profile at night. Add it to strategic positions on your bike, or, if you don’t like the thought of ruining your bodywork, opt for adhesive decals – such as flame-shaped cut outs – which will actually enhance your bike’s appearance.

Increasing your presence at night is absolutely essential if you’re a biker. Following the usual rules applies: don’t ride when tired or after drinking, reduce speed and leave greater distances between other vehicles, but for a safer – and more enjoyable – night ride, upgrading to HID or LED motorcycle headlights is really your best option.
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Here are the specs:
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