Massive Dog Motorcycles Expanding into Europe

Massive Dog MotorcyclesMajor Dog Motorcycles announced it really is launching a four-motorcycle lineup within the European industry. The four models are stated to have passed the stringent Euro III certification tests for distribution in the European Union. Major Dog Motorcycles also recently appointed Legend Motorcycle Group GCV, as its European distributor.

The 4 models Legends Motorcycle Group might be distributing are BDM?ˉs major seller, the raked-out K-9 chopper, the long-and-low cruiser it calls the Wolf, the big-wheeled Pitbull, and its smallest, most agile pro-street style motorcycle, the Coyote. Legends Motorcycle Group is headquartered and owns warehouses in Belgium.

?°European distribution has been a goal of ours for several years, but we have been really selective as for the perfect companion to create this a reality. Legend Motorcycle Group has been the ideal ally in every single phase on the procedure,?± stated Sheldon Coleman, founder and CEO of Massive Dog Motorcycles. ?°They comprehend the European industry, they supply exceptional customer support and they share our passion for our solutions.?

Legends Motorcycle Group has been signing up dealers throughout the European Union when Large Dog has been receiving its motorcycles certified for shipping overseas. So far it has enlisted the solutions of seven dealerships, including one in Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Luxemburg, Finland and two in France. The European Massive Dog web page also states that a distributor in Sweden/Norway/Denmark is opening soon, when other dealers within the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland are ?°in progress.?± The contracted dealers are inside the course of action of receiving their initial shipment of Big Dog Motorcycles. You could locate updates on European dealer openings at

Jos Dewit, CEO of Legends Motorcycle Group stated, ?°We are completely committed for the results of Significant Dog Motorcycles in Europe. Major Dog?ˉs styles are exceptional, revealing the type of engineering demanded by the discerning European rider. These are not merely attractive show-bikes, they are also engineered to ride within the genuine world on a daily basis.?±

The announcement comes on the heels of the most current round of layoffs at Massive Dog Motorcycles. Prior to the layoffs, the American manufacturer enlisted the services with the investment banking firm of William Blair & Company last December to ?°assist in evaluating a possible merger, strategic partnership or sale of Huge Dog or its assets.?± Big Dog?ˉs expansion into Europe might possibly be the life-line that BDM?ˉs CEO Sheldon was so desperately seeking in order to save the company he founded over 15 years ago.

The motorcycle that was supposed to help Huge Dog Motorcycles out of its hole, the 2010 Chopper, is yet to make it to dealers despite being scheduled for production in May, 2010. The BDM Chopper was being billed as the company?ˉs lowest-priced bike to date with a price tag in the $21,000 range. When we talked to Massive Dog?ˉs John Nasi during Daytona Bike Week back in March he said that it was in the approach of road testing, but to date, no new information about when the bike will make it to dealers has been disclosed.

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