Make Car Key Replacement a Breeze

Losing a car key nowadays can be a serious headache. Whether you’re a commuter, a busy parent, or someone whose car is their livelihood, the wait time for a mobile key replacement service is not fun, and nor is the cost! Locked out of your car, you can’t get it to a dealership, and the mobile key replacement service can’t work to your schedule. What’s more, as most modern cars now use a remote key, the process of replacing a lost key is not as simple as it used to be.


A car remote key will need to be cut, have the electric key fob programmed, and have a transponder to encode it. This all takes time and money that you could really do without wasting, and calling in a third party to create a replacement key for you is just that: a waste.

Car Remote Key

Get prepared

The first thing you should do about this situation is taking steps to prevent it even happening. Having a spare Car Remote Key is sensible because it means you’ll have a backup to call on if your primary key goes missing, and it will also help in replacing any keys that go missing. If you only have one key, and you lose it, then the process of creating a new key becomes far more complex, with the lack of a base to copy. You really don’t want to find yourself in that position, so if you only have one car key now then get at least one spare one made up right away!


Double prepared

Investing in Auto Key Programmers is another great step you can take to protect yourself. When you have one, and you learn how to use it, you can test and program new keys for yourself, cutting out the need to call out a tradesperson when you lose one. A good auto key programmer will be able to read and clear fault codes, as well as mechanical key codes, immobilizer Ids, and EKA codes. You will also be able to program new keys, so you could scan the code of your existing key and program it into a new one to be able to unlock your car.


If you rely heavily on your car, the downtime of losing your key is something you can ill afford to have. Before you dismiss it as something that just won’t happen to you, spare a moment to think about what you would do if it did. With a quality auto key programmer and spare Remote Key, you take everything into your own hands. Don’t find yourself unprepared for losing your keys – take the steps now to ensure that if you lose a key, you aren’t stuck being unable to use your car.

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