Magic Cube Mount for your car

If you insist on using your phone in the car, at least make sure it is securely mounted and its voice command button is within easy reach. These smartphone magic cube mounts hold your phone up and visible in the car.
Magic Cube MountMany drivers rely on smartphones for navigation, music, and calls in the car, but holding the phone while performing any of these tasks impairs driving ability and is illegal in some states. In fact, the national highway traffic safety administration found that manually operating a phone greatly increase distraction while driving, where engaging in a hands-free call showed no increased crash risk.

Magic Cube Mount Magic Cube Mount
To more safely use your phone in the car, get a mount that will keep its voice command butttion in easy reach and its screen viewable at a glance. I would highly recommend this Magic Cube Mount. It has a crazy strong smooth pu glue bottom. I personally use it on the dash but it is designed for windows as well. Rock solid. You can custom rotate the two holding bodies that hold the phone to make sure they have just the right grip and from there you get the phone to and from the pu glue net with a single hand. Since the mainly part to hold your phone is just a glue surface, so it won’t take you long to get your phone, and it gives you super sticky base surface adsorption.
Magic Cube Mount Magic Cube Mount
What’s more, the Magic Cube Mount offers you two 360-degree-rotating bodies for you so the phone can be optimally positioned. The whole car phone holder is a small cube, not taking much space of your dashboard. Plus it can be used as a tablet stand. You don’t need to fit it anywhere in your car, so that it won’t change the internal appearance of your car. It is also very cheap!

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