Looking For Witness, HD 1080P Car DVR Will Bear You

HD 1080P Car DVRThe main function of car DVR is automatically record the vehicle in front of the situation and real-time storage. Through the image playback if the car accident or traffic accidents, as the responsibility of providing evidence, in order to protect the interests of the owners. Let’s glance HD 1080P car DVR.

What kind of people will need a car DVR? And why? One of them is diffident in driving and less experience in traffic accident. One is which will consider the danger of the elder driving. One is the parents worried about their just get the driving license kid. And another is which like to record the interesting things and the scenery along the way. They will use car DVR to anti-blackmail and crash-proof porcelain;as a video and image evident, provide the basis for traffic to divided into accident responsibility; to record the road and the scenery along the fun of driving and road trips; to have a sense of justice of the citizens to expose illegal driving behavior to provide video data; record the valuable news in the news media is not likely to reach time in emergencies. HD 1080P car DVR has powerful built-in functions. Integrate photos and videos, color and exposure control freely. Can setting screen saver, sound recording, regular shutdown at random. Built-in real-time view system, to check photos and video At any time. This car DVR can motion detecting, when your car parting, it will real-time monitoring car video moving object and save, instantly turns into a vehicle monitoring. This product also has the function that can automatic loop video, start by the car, automatic cycle video, own an infinite amplification of advanced memory Settings. The G-sensor of this car DVR can automatic lock does not cover important audio and video data, guarantee the important information won’t loose.

Accidents will happen when you least expect them to, the responsibility shall be borne by who? HD 1080P car DVR restore the truth for you.

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