Light around us

LED light bulbsIn recent years, use of LED light bulbs has greatly increased. They have more or less completely replaced the use of conventional bulbs and tube lights. Although these LED light are little costlier than other conventional bulbs and tube lights. But the advantages associated with them have tremendously increased their popularity. LED light bulbs are also very different from other standard light bulbs. The technology used in these LED light is very different from other lighting technologies. Here the LED light use very advanced lighting technology where they use light emitting diodes as their main light source. But sometimes availability of such large variety of LED bulbs causes confusion for the consumers. However, more or less these LED light are being used in every places be it home, office , shop or any place where light is required.

LED light bulbs are being used everywhere. Whatever be the lightings needs and requirement, LED light is the preferred choice of customers. These LED lights apart from their use in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bed rooms are being extensively used in commercial establishments such as mall shop displays, offices, conference rooms, hotels, bars, restaurants, and other public arenas.

These LED light bulbs have a very long life span. And it can easily last up to minimum 200,000 hours without any maintenance and problem. So you won’t have to worry about lighting needs and requirement. LED bulbs don’t emit much heat. This is regarded a very good thing as most other incandescent bulbs emits lot of heat which ultimately reduces its lifespan. LED bulbs are very easy to maintain and install. For replacing them all you have to do is simply unscrew the old LED light bulb and place a new one. These LED bulbs doesn’t have any mercury which makes them extremely safe.

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