Why the LED Strips is necessary?

LED strip lights, ribbons or tapes have become one of the most popular LED products available on the market. They did not only replace incandescent ribbons, but some of the fluorescent tubes as well, and definitely gave endless options for advertisements and decoration of bars, hotels, and other public places. With the fast development of the LED technology, they are now available in very bright versions too, allowing users to apply it as task, or in rare cases, even as a main source of lighting. The color range of the LED is now endless, since any color can be created with RGB technique. There are generally two or three shades of white available: bright or cold white–the bluish, really bright version of white, the warm white –which is rather yellowish like the sun, and the natural white –which is a combination of the two in various degrees.

LED stripLED Strips are a hugely versatile lighting solution capable of meeting the difficulties presented by even the most complex lighting projects. For instance, strips of LEDs were recently used to create a bespoke snow suit as part of a short film entitled “LED Surfer.”

LED strips are easy to install. They typically come with a backing that is comprised of self-adhesive strips. Often these strips are made from the well-known 3M brand. Aside from the tacky backing, users can also opt to install the tape with the use of small brackets. LEDs consume very little energy; they run on twelve volts and work on a closed circuit. Closed circuits allow the tape to be trimmed or snipped at certain intervals. Usually each strip comes with cutting points in every five or ten centimeters of the length of the strip. Because LEDs consume very little energy it typically runs for a very long time thus making it an economical choice.

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