The Latest Design In The Decoration Field–3528 LED

3528 LED3528 LED, is the latest design that used for decoration in the field, is a kind of soft and flexible, ultra-thin, waterproof, invulnerability to breakage and long service life, energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. Can be pasted on the surface of the access, often used in indoor and outdoor decoration and cars, motorcycles, Electric cars and other decorations.

3528 LED is made by FPC, transparent epoxy resin (or silicone casing), LEDs and 3m double-sided adhesive. Article lamp surface using a transparent epoxy resin adhesive and set “transparent silicone set” waterproof tube of two ways, also can not do surface treatment not directly make it waterproof products sales. By the way, Glue products after bending and knead repeatedly won’t appear dead lamp, cellophane tape and FPC separation and cellophane tape break bad situation, the technology is the industry leading level.

In addition, 3528 LED also can be used in all sorts of indoor or outdoor products such as decorative advertising decorations, high-end specialty stores and shopping malls and other indoor lighting business atmosphere, Places of entertainment and beauty salon lighting, used to mark paths and contour, luminous signs, etc. 3528 LED, surface sealant, every three LEDs can be cut. Solid and high shock resistance, low energy consumption and pure brightness, flexible and compact size, easy to install, can be installed in the car or outside, can want to stick, because it has the double-side tap in back.

LED bulb light is a new kind of energy-saving lamps and lanterns of alternatives to traditional incandescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent lamp (tungsten lamp), high energy consumption, short service life, in the global resources tense environment down, has gradually be governments banning the production. Substitute products are electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic energy-saving lamp is more energy saving effect, but due to use a lot of environmental pollution by heavy metals, and contrary to the trend of environmental protection. With the high-speed development of LED technology LED lighting is becoming a new type of green illumination of choice. In LED luminous principle, energy-saving, environmental protection level are much better than traditional lighting products.

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