Know Something About Auto Parts

Auto Parts is a car of the whole of each unit and in the service of automobile products. As car accessories processing increasingly fierce market competition, the concept of environmental protection, and continuously upgrade and application of the technology, in recent years, international auto parts machining parts and components industry shows the characteristics of the following development. (1) auto accessories processing system, modular supply ascendant trend (2) auto parts processing and purchasing globalization (3) transfer speed auto parts processing industry.
Auto Parts Tail Lights 40LED Trailer Truck Lamps Iron Metal Mesh 12VThere are many types of Auto Parts, it roughly divided into four categories. It is launch system, running system, body accessories and steering system. These parts eventually are consumables, so even they are no often change, but still need to be conserve careful.
First, avoid hot. If the piston temperature is too high, easy to cause overheating burning-out and gave up. Rubber seals, triangle belt, tires and other overheating, easy premature aging, performance degradation, shorten service life. Starter, generator, controller and other electrical equipment coil overheating, easily burned and destroyed.
Second, avoid dirty. If the fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filters and all kinds of mesh parts such as dirty, deterioration in filtration effect. If radiator radiator, air cooled engine cylinder block and cylinder head heat sink, radiator cooler parts such as dirty, can lead to bad heat dissipation, the temperature is too high.
Third, avoid to install wrong. Engine cylinder gasket can’t put wrong when installation, otherwise it will lead to a premature cylinder pad damage of ablation. The engine fan blades can not be opposite. With direction pattern of tyres, herringbone pattern tyres, after installation of the ground mark should make herringbone pointed to the back.
Fourth, avoid to be leak. The engine air lock should be installed in pairs, such as packing or missing: will lead to a such as piston valve is out of control and crashed.
Correctly to choose, use and conserve auto parts, is amount to cherish your car.

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