K6000 Car DVR UK, A Fashionable Utility DVR

As the wide application of car DVR, people become to know the importance of car DVR, and start to use into their driving life. But because of the position of the DVR install, if its design unthoughtful, will be the road killer in another way. The appearance of K6000 Car DVR UK not just fashion, also thoughtful. Now, let us take a look at it.

It is a practical car DVR with 17.5 mm * 13.5 mm * 13.5 mm delicate body, it is surround by unique piano lacquer that bake shell, with perfect quality, and high grade. To install it on the front windshield will not blocking the line of sight. K6000 Car DVR UK built in a 5.0 mp high sensitive low illumination cameras, the video resolution is high reach to 1920*1080. It can rotate the screen 180 degrees, can place it in multi position. The shoot angle of it enough wide, is advantageous to the comprehensive record vehicles surrounding circumstances. It uses the market the highest specifications of the dynamic Full HD 1080 p high-definition video. Besides, it also has a nice night vision. The plenty of storage space, can realize effective record for a long period of time. You also can use it to record the interesting and beautiful scenery in your driving.K6000 Car DVR UK

K6000 Car DVR UK has a 2.7 inch ultra big display screen, when the accident happened can record video playback, accident responsibility be clear at a glance, traffic accident and fast processing. Built-in microphone/speaker will report you the actual condition of the traffic anytime. It can quickly evacuated from the scene to restore the traffic, and keep the effective evidence, to create a safe and smooth traffic environment.

Such a wonderful car DVR, not only fashion, also utility. Guarantee your legal right and not lose the taste at the same time.


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