The Introduce For Car Exterior Decoration

Car decoration is affiliated with some items, in order to improve the car on the surface of the beautiful sex, to increase the accessory items, called Car Exterior Decoration. In it, exterior decoration is mainly around the car roof, window, body and wheels and other parts for decoration. Its main content includes, (1) the car paint surface of special coating decoration. (2) the striped and protective film. (3) before the evil wind plate into the rear suspension plate decoration. (4) the sun roof decoration. (5) the car the wind window decoration. (6) surrounded by body decoration. (7) body local adornment. (8) wheel decoration.Car Exterior Decoration

You can choose according to the specific circumstances of the individual Car Exterior Decoration or protection. Such as car explosion-proof membrane, into the summer, constant temperature and hot sun will make the car hot as stove and explosion-proof membrane must be the most basic indispensable equipment , want to have the feeling of luxury it is necessary. Explosion-proof heat insulation membrane can cut off most of the ultraviolet (UV) light, most of the quantity of heat, good brand light transmittance is also good, does not affect driving. In other side, many car owners like to stick for their cars. Car sticker is specially designed for automotive body sticker at the beginning of a high performance low viscosity Polyvinyl Choride (PVC), with a fully fit body paint and interior various properties on the surface of the base material, have more facilitate construction, flexibility, durability, stronger resistance to chemical corrosion, opaque, and many other advantages.

Many consumers enjoy their car to elaborate adornment, make it not only beautiful beautiful, personal style, and more convenient and practical. However, car decoration is related to the vehicle’s safety performance, the safety of vehicles converted to impact may be greater. Therefore, when car owners going to do Car Exterior Decoration, should fully understand its impact on safety performance.

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