Increase The Car Lights Brightness To Improve The Driving Safety

car lightIn the spring, the frequent rain adds the trouble to the car owners who has the not enough bright car lights. The rain reduce lights penetrability, and the height of the water on the ground will reflect light then cause severe vision disorders to the night drivers. So, increase the brightness has become the most emergency.
The most simple method to increase brightness is to increase the power of lights, this method is pay lower and easy to operating, but it still exist some potential danger. To replace the 50 W light to the 100 W light, the bright will not increase twice in the nutshell. On the contrary, with the power increasing, the damage to wires also increasing, it will cause the circuit fever, quicken the wries burn-in, the voltage of the car lights will reduce. The result is that the brightness will be increase just a little, but the burden will be promote, it will increased the probability of the accident,and chimney and lamp bowl will caused by high temperature deformation, discoloration.
HID is High intensity Discharge, heavy metals can be called a lamp or xenon lamp. The principle of it is in the UV – cut UV crystal the glass tube, in a variety of chemical gas filling, most of the inert gas such as Xenon (Xenon) and iodide, and then through the supercharger (Ballast) will the car 12 v dc voltage instantaneous pressure to 23000 volts, after high-pressure shock excitation picture free Xenon electronic quartz tube, between two electrodes produced light source, this is the gas discharge. It has the advantage of high brightness, high color temperature, long life, low energy consumption. When it is working the required electrical flow only 3.5 A, brightness is three times as much as traditional halogen bulbs, service life 10 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs. HID has been wide use to be car lights.

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