IMars Portable Car Tire Inflator- Make your Life Movable


The winter season has started with a bang and lefts lots of impression in different regions and also people. The frigid weather is already affecting the moods, vehicles, and pocketbooks. The cold weather leaves many people stranded on the roadside and in need of portable inflator. However, with proper tools to re-inflate tires, it’s quite easy to travel and enjoy the cold weather with less stress. Having Portable Car Tire Inflator comes as a savior when the weather becomes unbearable, and it helps you avoid the cold nights of being stranded and the costly service bills.

Portable Car Tire Inflator

A portable car tire inflator should be flexible enough to be used in the variety of motorized units. It should be small with powerful compressors features like an inbuilt LED light to help in operation during the night and when in dark areas. It should also have collections of plugs to help compress the air in any environment. The caps types should include pressure pins, injection, and needles.


The Digital Pump Air Compressor should have a push capacity of more than 300 psi and electrically engaged to fill tire in less than 10 minutes. It should have a high internal motor that produces direct air to use on a scale that is graduated and allows it to handle compression that exceeds its low profile.

Portable Car Tire Inflator

The iMars Portable Car Tire Inflator should be easy to light the connection even using a simple cigarette connection. This makes it impervious to the rather dangerous cold weather conditions.


It should have an auto shut off. With a 12-volt digital that inflator uses the right technology that gives it senses to automatically shut off once you reach the correct pressure. You just need to set the desired level of pressure and press the button one and let the digital sensor do the rest.


The compressor should be easy to store in your truck emergency hence saving space. A portable tire inflator has a compact design that makes it easy to lift and carry around. Additionally, with its size, you can keep the mini air compressor in your truck and use it anytime an emergency comes.

Portable Car Tire Inflator

As a user-friendly inflator, it’s easy to use with a cigarette socket, and it has a rapid cooling to ensure it gives you the life on the move. The inflator quickly inflates the tires with its current power saving you time.


The iMars Portable Car Tire Inflator is a must have for anyone who loves to travel in comfort and fix tires quickly.

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