Ideal T10 LED Bulbs for License Plate Lights

License plate lights are used to make the license plate visible when the light is not enough. They cooperate with the police in the night tracking and monitoring work. The installation of such license plate lights is very easy, and you just have to place the bulbs on the upward side of license plate to make it work for lightening and decoration. And those lights can be used to emphasize the position of the car for other cars to avoid accidents. They can clearly show the width of your car. Today i wanna introduce the T10 LED Bulbs to you. And if you are interested in it , you can search it on where you can get the best price of this light.
T10 LED BulbsThis T10 LED Bulbs can really give out bright light at night. I installed two above my car plate, and the car plate is as plain as daylight. Besides, i found that these lights are much more power-efficient than my former lights. Before i installed them, one-hundred RMB gasoline could support 238.8 km. Now it becomes 242km. What’s more, the light they provide is really unadulterated, no yellow light or light of other colors. And the light is strong, which can well function for warning. This strong light is not too strong. It is not that kind of light which dazzles you. To be another amazing point, my car looks more stylish, elegant and high-end with such T10 LED Bulbs.
T10 LED Bulbs T10 LED Bulbs
With such car lights, you and your car will be safer. Your car will be more visible for the car behind, to avoid rear-end collisions. These bulbs comes with the DC 12V and LED light. It is said that the LED light has faster lighting-up speed which is 5 times faster than that of other normal license plate lights. And these LED T10 LED Bulbs come without radiation or pollution, which makes us feel better when using them. Finally, please notice that, if these lights don’t light after being inserted into the socket, you can insert them oppositely. These T10 LED Bulbs comes with little size and nice price, gonna be a ideal choice for your cars.

T10 LED Bulbs Specs:

T10 LED BulbsVoltage: DC 12V
LED Color: Pure White(6000K-6500K)
LED Type: T10 6-SMD
Power: 1W
Width: 12mm
Length: 17mm
Net Weight: 3g
Cross Reference: T10, W5W, 158, 168, 147 152 158 159 161 168 184 192 193 501 901 904 912 916 917 918 920 921 922 923 926 927

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