ID Card Lock Alarm ensures better safety for your motorcycle

ID Card Lock Alarm(1) As we know, ID Card Lock Alarm has been widely used in community door or punched card machines for offices. Actually, it also has been applied to motorcycle considering the safety of modern vehicle. Not like the normal key, the identity card is much safer and more convenient. Once the normal key lost, you are probably under great uneasiness cause the key could be copied. As for the identity card, it is of inbuilt mode and wireless touching of all the device, and the number of EEPROM chip is exclusive. That is to say, only the users who carry with the identity card can start the engine of the motorcycle.

Besides, the identity card has omitted the procedure of direct contact with the socket, which reduces much mechanical wear and exclude more breakdowns caused by wrong operation. And ID Card Lock Alarm actually is well protected in the durable plastic, so it would be warped or damaged and it will keep its sensitivity without intrusion of dust or oil. Before starting the engine, the motorcycle owner has to open the electronic door lock though the identity card. Only the LED indicator bright, the engine could be started. If the verification of the card did not start the motorcycle, the engine will not start. In addition, the anti-theft system will be automatically locked one the the motorcycle flames out and it closes the electronic door lock.

ID Card Lock Alarm(2)Now it’s time to abandon the old key and install an ID Card Lock Alarm system in your motorcycle. The card has pretty high automatic resolution, which could avoids data-driven errors and provides strong encryption performance. Finally, there are some warm tips about how to use the identity card: when installing it, users have to pay attention to the electronic anti-theft lock three wire connection method, and make sure you install in the right way. And the unlock operation should be performed after opening the motorcycle electric door lock, otherwise it is unable to be unlocked.

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