How to use G90 camera to avoid car robbing and blackmails

Let’s face it, we all may encounter car robbing and blackmails. We all angry about this. However, the most outrageous thing is that we can’t get the compensation as a victim, or even be bite back by the bad people who plot to get money from us. Generally, at this time, proofs can explain everything. But what if we don’t have proofs, then, you need a G90 camera. With it, you can take photos or videos as your powerful proofs.
G90 camera(3)As proofs, the photos and videos must be so clear that you won’t miss any detail. G90 camera supports full HD 1080p video filming with which the physical resolution is up to1920*1080 with 30 frames/s. Besides, 170 degree ultra wide angle lens allows the vision become much more wider compared with normal 120~140 degree lens. You can record as many things as you can.

Night is the popular time for criminal to action because we don’t see things clearly at night which can give them good cover. G90 camera has high dynamic range function, better than WDR functon, making night brighter, reducing overexposure and making exposure more balanced. Plus F 1.8 big aperture made from Japan super low light performance, you can take clear and bright videos and photos.(Car DVR review)
G90 camera(1)And what’s the most amazing is, G90 camera supports motion detection. When there is a man enter the monitor, the motion detection will start recording automatically. Sound recording is very important too. Loop recording of it is seamless, which means it won’t not leak any second.

Not only HD videos, you can also take clear photos with 13-million-pixel high definition. As we all know, people like to refuse to admit the responsibility after accident happen. You can fight for your own interest with photos you take when accident happens and after accident happens.Anyway, it’s important for you to know how to protect yourself. We can foresee what will happen in the future, you should get the best preparation. In a word, the G90 camera is really worth you to have one in hand.

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