How to open hood on Mercedes c300

By now I am certain that you’ve heard a thing or two about Mercedes cars. You must have heard that they are some of the most luxurious vehicles you could buy. Mercedes offers insane levels of luxury and technology, from A-Class to the exclusive S-Class. And with the C300, it is even more luxurious and technologically advanced than anything else in the class. The C300 has a blanketed cabin with lovely brown leather, accented by gorgeous open-pore and metal accents. It also has a floating infotainment screen that has gotten even bigger, thereby complimenting the digital gauge cluster. Basically, this car is insane and is seriously smart.

How to open hood on Mercedes c300

Now the thing is, like I mentioned earlier, the vehicle is smartly designed to the point that some of features become quite challenging to the owners. One aspect about the car that has given owners so much headache is opening the hood. This is the reason why am writing this article – to try and guide you through it. So this is how you go about it;

How to open hood on Mercedes c300

Step one is to locate the hood release level – now, open the driver’s door and look under the dash, right above the parking breaks. There you will see the hood release handle

Step two is to pull the hood release to pop the hood up. Pull a couple of times on the release to ensure that the latches are released.

Step three – pull the hood release forward, and not up. You will see the hood latch release behind the grill. Now, if you don’t see the release, try lifting the hood up an inch until the release pops out. Then grab the release and pull it forward.

Step four – now grab the hood and pull it up to open the hood. If it doesn’t open, pull the hood release forward some more. With that, your hood will open.

Open the hood on the Mercedes C300 can be quite tough, especially if you are a first car owner, but with instructions, it should get easier. offers

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