How to make an electric scooter

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to build your own electric scooter? If so, yiu are not alone. And if am being honest, building one might be easier that you think. Read through the article and I can guarantee you that you will get why it isn’t difficult.

How to make an electric scooter

The very first thing you will need is a decent frame. You can get an old kick scooter and take its frame. You don’t have to build one from scratch, you know! Any size will do. The good thing is that kick scooters are everywhere and getting one is pretty easy. The next thing is that you will have to find a battery-powered electric DC engine. You need to make sure that the motor has the proper torque needed. The best choice should be at least 50-watt motor, as you want to propel you and not move fast to the point where it endangers your life: your safety should come first. Also, you need to track down at least four 12-volt lead-acid batteries for power, other items that you will need includes a bicycle chain, a DC power controller, a bicycle chain tool, some wires and a lever switch.

Once you have all these things, the next step would be to find the engine’s crankshaft. This is a metal cylinder, sticking out from the motor. When the engine starts running, the part turns. Attach a sprocket to the crankshaft with a bolt, and then attach another one to the rear wheel axle on the scooter.

The next step is to attach the engine to the deck on the scooter. You may decide to use heavy-duty straps, bolts or a strong glue; just ensure that it is safe. Then, connect the engine to the back wheel on the scooter. You will use a bicycle chain that will connect the motor-sprocket to the wheels’ sprocket.

Then, connect a switch that would turn the motor on and off, using a power controller. Just connect the power controller with the motor, and then wire the controller to the switch. You can use a lever switch. You can also have the wires run up the handlebars on the scooter, keeping them in place with some zip-ties. Lastly, secure the switch to the handlebars. With that, your electric scooter is ready for you.

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