How to make a mini engine

Engines are the source of power in a mechanical device that uses fuel to produce mechanical power. The evolution of engines is crazy in search of faster and stronger engine. Engines are basically classified according to the form of energy it uses and type of motion it gives out.

How to make a mini engine

What is a mini engine?

A mini engine is an engine that has a small-displacement and low-powered internal combustion.  They are mainly used to power machines that require independent source of power. Having a small engine is the best way to provide a reinforcement power at your home or any other outdoor activities like camping.

Advantages of a mini engine

  • They are safer to use.
  • They have a smaller impact on the environment.
  • They use less fuel.

How to make a mini engine

First assemble all the items you need to get started.  A damaged lawnmower can provide most parts. You will need: lumber, plywood, motor (lawnmower), car alternator (from an old vehicle), power drill, screws, bolts and nuts, lawnmower drive belt, lawnmower gas tank and a washer.

Start by cutting 2 feet by 2 feet piece of the plywood. Take the lumber and cut two 4 feet pieces and two 1 foot 10 and ½ inches pieces. Using those cut pieces, build a box by screwing in the lumber pieces along the cut plywood perimeter. In the box, mark the lawnmower motor holes using a pencil and drill holes using your power drill on the marke places. Place the motor on the drilled holed and slide bolts through the holes. Using your washer and nuts, tighten your bolts.

Place the car alternator on the plywood and put the drive belt on the wheel parts of both the motor and alternator. Slide the alternator away from motor until the drive belt becomes tight and mark that position. First remove both the alternator and drive belt and drill holes that match the position of the alternator’s four holes after sliding it. Put back the alternator on the plywood and secure it with your bolts, washer and nuts on the drilled holes.

Attach back the drive belt on the wheels of both the alternator and motor. Connect the lawnmower gas tank to the motor. From the alternator, connect whatever you want to be supplied with power like a bulb or an extension cord. Do a test run.






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