How to Install your New Car’s Blackbox DVR

The procedure to install is commonly used as hard-wiring and it takes 8 steps. Read more to know the 8 steps.

vehicle BlackBox DVR

Step 1; Choose the correct mounting position

Make sure you mount the dash camera within arm’s reach but not mounted in a location that can be an obstacle to the road ahead. The DVR should give access to run the cables and make positioning easy. It is recommended to locate the DVR parallel to the rearview mirror for convenience.

Step 2: Locate the fuse box

The fuse box of most cares is found under the dashboard either on the passengers or driver’s side. As a manual user, follow the instructions to find where it is located.

Step 3: Route the power cable.

Tugging the pillar rubber trim reveals the gap to run the power cable headliner down to the fuse box in most cases which may be necessary to remove the A-pillar cover. But if you are not sure of how to remove interior panels consult a professional or the vehicle manual.

Step 4: Identify a wire that is “hot in start”

Care fuses can be divided into two types “hot in start” {power available only when the car is running} and “always hot” {power always available}, to know which fuses are hot in start, use a circuit that shows there is no power when the ignition is off and lights up when the power is present.

Step 5: Install the special power cable

Where your “hot in start” fuse was, plug in the add-a-circuit.

Step 6: Locate a ground point

Most cars have at least one ground point near the fuse box: the other end of the installation wiring kit must be grounded to your vehicle. Consult the manual if need be, to locate at this point and connect the ground cable from the installation kit.

Step 7: Bundle cables together

Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the run position you should see your dashcam turn on and begin to record is everything was installed correctly.

Step 8: Bundle cables together

For the final preparation. Use the cable ties to securely and carefully bundle any loose cables together and the suitable place for this is near the fuse box. Following the above steps, you will enjoy your vehicle BlackBox DVR all the way.

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