How to install an iMars Car Radio

New and advanced technology is becoming a trend when it comes to motor industries with every manufacturer working hard to come up with features that entice a buyer. You might find that some car models and especially the older ones lack some modern features like a fancy stereo but the good news is you can install an up to date car radio. One of the known car radio is the iMars car stereo that comes with one touch screen car player, a rear camera, a GPS antenna, RCA cables, ISO cable, 2 USB cables and a set of installing accessories. If you are looking forward to upgrading your car stereo by installing iMars car radio, follow the following guidelines.

 iMars Car Radio

Before you start ripping through your dashboard, make sure you understand each component’s instruction to avoid complicating the process. This is made easier if you understand your car’s literature well for example, the size of its head unit (single din or double din). The first thing you need to do is to connect correctly the provided cables to the right portal at the back of the iMars car radio. The ISO plug contains a set of wires with different colors to differentiate the different function. 4 pairs of the cables (gray, purple, green and white) are used to connect to the speakers, power cables, parking sensor cable and steering wheel key control wires. The input plug contains audio and video output cables (yellow, red, white and green).  The other components are the GPS antenna cable and the rare camera cables.

Plug in the ISO cable and fasten the GPS cable on the car radio ports (left and right side of the stereo respectively). At the middle part of the stereo, connect the USB cable, RCA cable and input cable. On the car, remove the plastic trim by loosening any screws or bolts holding it.  Once out, remove the old stereo by removing the four bolds situated in each corner of the stereo and then pull it out gently. Disconnect the wiring harness and radio antennae plugged into the back of the old stereo and put it aside. To install the new iMars car radio, clip the pieces together by connecting cables color to color (car and the stereo). After connecting, your stereo will be powered which will give you a chance to test if it’s working perfectly. Once satisfied with the result screw the new stereo into the same location the old stereo was.


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  1. Hi there I purchased a i mars radio , I have a Dodge Journey 2010 , that has canbus, this radio don’t work with my car , please help

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