How to dispose RC Lipo battery

Quad copters and other radio control gadgets like drones require a source of power to perform their function. This means they will need a source of power that can produce a lot of energy and high amount of current in a small package.

What is RC Lipo Battery?

RC Lipo battery is a rechargeable battery that uses lithium ion technology and use polymer electrolyte rather than liquid electrolyte. They are characterized by high energy capacity, amazing discharge rate and light weight which make them the best option for all facets of RC.

How to dispose RC Lipo battery

Benefits of RC lipo battery

  • They are light weight and pliable.
  • They have a large capacity.
  • They maintain a constant voltage output as they discharge.
  • They are resistant to physical damage.

How to dispose RC Lipo battery

As much as RC Lipo batteries are advantageous, they are very dangerous if botched. That is why it is advised to follow the manufacturer’s advice on how to charge, store and use correctly. Swollen or damaged RC Lipo batteries should not be used anymore because of their safety issues, they need to be discarded. An easy way of discarding them is by dropping them at local battery disposal service, but you can still do at home using the following safety measures.

Before discarding any RC Lipo battery, you need to make sure its voltage is 0(no charge is left) using a multimeter. You can you use a Lipo charger or a halogen bulb to discharge your battery. When using a bulb to discharge, put your Lipo in a bucket filled with sand outside and connect it with a bulb and let it glow until it goes off. Let it rest for one day since it went off while still connected to the bulb. If you are using a Lipo charger, ensure you are discharging it at a low current for example at 1/10C.

For damaged Lipo, don’t discharge them instead submerse them in a covered plastic bucket of cold salt water and leave it for two weeks.

The next thing you need to do is prevent development of voltage. Start by cutting off the connectors from the battery and strip the wires. Connect the black and red wire in order build up a short circuit.

After following these steps your Lipo is stable and safe to dispose in a bin.



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