As technology has improved and there are more electronic devices available, the need to charge while driving has increased. For example, due to the insanity of the low budget camera, a lot of people charge while driving, without leaving another cigarette outlet available for other devices.


Highly qualified Car Cigarette Lighter splitters that contain additional plugs and USB have advanced and become much safer. Here are some considerations you should take before looking for a particular car cigarette lighter adapter.

Car Cigarette Lighter

  1. Additional sockets or USB ports

Choosing a certain style of an adapter can be complicated because there are so many different types. For example, some may have additional plugs, some may have plugs and USB ports, while others may have USB ports. You should ask yourself what cargo ports you need and how many in total. For example, if you have DVD players with headrests that use plugs, it is vital that the adapter can handle the current draw. On the other hand, most smartphones use a USB port for fast charging. If the car cigarette lighter splitter has only plugs, you will need to buy a 12V / 24v USB adapter to charge your phone.

Car Cigarette Lighter

  1. Safety

Unfortunately, there are so many spacers available that have poor wiring and some without fuses. This is simply asking for problems and will not last for a few months. It is always recommended to go with a more expensive car cigarette lighter adapter that includes a number of safety features. If you are concerned about how the divider works, you can test it with a multi-meter designed for cars that provides information on the passage of the voltage. If it is falling below 10.5 or operating at high voltage, avoid using it and contact the manufacturer.

Car Cigarette Lighter

  1. Design

There are two distinctive designs to choose from that include fixed cigarette lighter socket or those that use a power cord. The fixed car cigarette lighter splitters are more compact, flow with the design of the car but have fewer plugs or USB ports. Some fixed units will have a rotation in the connector for movement in order to fit properly without being in the way. Units that have a power cord can be extended to reach the rear seat passengers, which is a great advantage. However, they must be secured or maintained in an area that does not allow them to be thrown while driving. They are often much larger and provide more additional plugs or USB.



All of the above high-rated car cigarette lighter splitters are safe units for use with a variety of different sockets and USB. Before buying, make sure you have the correct amount of 12V / 24V plugs and USB ports. We strongly recommend that you avoid economical models as it may damage your own charger or burn the car cigarette lighter.

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