High-Tech Intelligent Sunglasses – K2 Smart Sunglasses Review

Pros: Great package and complete accessories, simple and cool design, performs good as sunglasses, user-friendly practical buttons, high Bluetooth speed and big Bluetooth coverage, supports touch control, convenient in crowded places.
Cons:The touch-control area is not sensitive enough, don’t support much audio apps.
Price: $49.99
K2 Smart Sunglasses ReviewThat the intelligent wear devices has become the hit all over the world is not by accident. Their brand new interactive mode has already made a splash with the young. They visualize and digitalize our lives, meanwhile exploring brand new personalized areas.

So far, the wear devices almost cover the whole upper part of the body with smart wristbands, watches, wrist straps, neckbands, ear clips, glasses, and etc. Among all of these, nothing is more popular than smart glasses, since Google has started the heat of these glasses as a new rise, which attracts some Chinese manufactures. Gonbes is a Chinese high-tech company focusing on making intelligent glasses. They exhibited the new K2 Smart Sunglasses in the HK autumn electronics shows. This pair of sunglasses integrated sunglasses, audio functions, Bluetooth all in one, with cool appearance, mostly suitable for drivers. Recently, i got this pair of smart sunglasses. Now, lets check out how it worked.
K2 Smart Sunglasses ReviewThe box coming with K2 adopts the white and simple design, so that you will see nothing except the blue Gonbes K2 on the front. There are tow layers in the box: on the upper layer is the glasses frame having descriptions for each part of the glasses on the surface; on the bottom layer are the detachable lens and patchwork accessories including a charging cable, two pairs of earphones(one pair of single earphone and one pair of double earphone), manual wrapped by a paper box, carrying bag and a piece of polarization test paper.

The glasses looked like a pair of cool black sunglasses having much movement and shine. Just concerning the style and design as sunglasses, K2 has done much more simplification on the appearance and size, with lighter weight and more featuring the outline of the face. I believe many man users will fall in love with it at the first sight.

K2 is equipped with the high-quality TAC polarized lens, which can bring down 85% dazzling light to provide you with clear view in the high-intensity light conditions. This is based on the same principle that the cameras use the polarized lens to avoid over-exposed image. Don’t you think sunglasses are only to make you look cool. Sunglasses can filter the strong light you face when driving, and providing clear viewing to the fishing enthusiasts.
K2 Smart Sunglasses Review K2 Smart Sunglasses Review
The manufacturer have offered character-driven lens of purple and orange respectively. They uses the black TPU soft pad for nose pad, giving you comfortable wear and featuring anti-skid and anti-sweat. To fit different nose bridge, this K2 Smart Sunglasses allow you to adjust the width of the metal frame.

As a pair of smart sunglasses, the left glasses frame has been integrated with the touch-sensitive chip. You can slightly slide your fingertip to switch and pause songs, receive and reject the calls. And it is perfectly compatible with the audio functions of iPhone and Samsung cellphones. On the right glasses frame are the practical volume button and power button.

K2 has been equipped with a USB port for charging and earphone jack. You can charge it with pc or power bank. Full charge needs one hour, but then you can enjoy 3 to 4 battery life. It can support half of day if the calling and music listening are not frequent.

The two pairs of earphones coming with the sunglasses are suitable for different situations respectively. They are in-ear with soft pads to reduce the discomfort after long time wearing and with certain soundproof effect. With the 6mu ultra-slim diaphragm and DSP audio procession, the bass does a good job in diving to its place, and the resolution is straight and narrow. But the bass is so pronounced that it can easily cover the middle voice, with the not-full-enough voice as a result.
K2 Smart Sunglasses Review K2 Smart Sunglasses Review
The carrying bag is made from flocking materials with the size just right for K2. Before the operation, we need to turn on the Bluetooth of the cellphone, then long-press the power (volume+) button for 8 seconds. Let go when you see the blue and red power light flash, and the pairing is finished.

K2 adopts the CSR4.0 Bluetooth, performing well no matter in speed or coverage. It can ensure lossless audio output even it is 15m away from cellphone.

After successful pairing, the cellphone will automatically turn off the speaker when playing music and switch to the earphone of the K2. Sliding forward and backward respectively switch to last song and next song. Pressing the “K2” logo can pause or play the song, suitable for people who have to often be in crowd during the commute.

However, the touch control is not that good. The hard or slight sliding won’t make the player react. You need to slide with just right strength. Besides, the touch-sensitive area is located on the blind ends of eyes, so it is not easy to reach it. You need to take some time to sense and get used to the position of it.
K2 Smart Sunglasses Review K2 Smart Sunglasses Review
You can adjust the volume with the volume button on the right side when talking and listening to music. The default volume of these pairs of earphones is quite high, so you had better lower the volume of your cellphone before you insert the earphones. Unlike the touch-sensitive area, the volume button feel quite solid and obvious. You can find it out easily even you see nothing.

Sliding forwards and backwards to answer and reject phone calls, compared with to switch songs, is less functional, since this doesn’t work every time. If you slide on the wrong place, you may not be able to answer the calls you want, and reject the calls you don’t want. It does make you look cool to do these sliding in front of people, but it also makes you annoyed with such sensitivity. But this could be just a little flaw for few products. All in all, i think using traditional practical buttons will be better.

The built in microphone performs normally. The voice recognition is accurate with Siri of iPhone 5S, but not available with other audio apps.
K2 Smart Sunglasses ReviewConclusion:
the style of this pair of sunglasses is very charming, which can make people wearing it look cool. The biggest use of it is that you can use the voice control and Bluetooth to make phone calls, finding routes on the navigators, without moving your hands away from the steer wheel and being distracted. You can listen to the FM and songs with Bluetooth earphones, and the excellent anti-dazzling-light capability lets you see the road clearly in the environment with strong light.

This pair of K2 Smart Sunglasses is not only used in driving, fishing, hiking and other occasions where you have to face dazzling light. In normal occasions, K2 may make you look dramatic or over-strict, so that you can take off the lens to keep a kinda low profile, meanwhile you can enjoy all the convenience it brings to you. In addition, this K2 Smart Sunglasses will be perfect if the touch sensitivity and support for other audio apps can be optimized.

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