High Definition Car DVR Is A Good Partner In Driving And Life

high definition car DVRThere is a question, what is the use of car DVR? Car DVR is an instrument that can real recording of driving cars, provide favorable evidence for the traffic accident, to prevent touch porcelain and prevent others misunderstanding to give evidence. High definition car DVR can walk while video while driving, and at the same time, speed, time and location are recorded in the video, amount to a “black box”. To the whole process of vehicle dynamic image and sound record, in case of traffic accident, can retain the effective evidence. With the time by the host SD card record image and sound information, escorted the traffic condition, and all kinds of factors, such as dynamic images.

This kind of high definition car DVR have a super wide view video covering rate, with a screen can flip 270 degree. According to the demand for change the direction of the screen, but also as a digital camera. Be more entertaining. Use the SD memory card (HC), maximum support 32 GB. Have the functions of delay start, can avoid damage cars instantaneous electric current too big. It has a portable volume and lightweight, used as a portable DV or DC, every exciting moment won’t be miss. It is worth to be mention that built-in six can switch type infrared night vision IR LED lights, when insufficient light source are detected automatically. Adopts external type lithium battery, battery changes it is more convenient to use. Support auto launch video, shut down automatically after shutdown archive. High definition car DVR have a humanized operation interface, buttons are clear. The screen can be close the screen when videoing, the hidden and save electricity.

Prepare a driving recorder for self, is necessary to every driver, high definition car DVR will your good partner in driving and life.

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