HD1080P 12.0M Pixels F42 Mini Sports Camera with WIFI and 0.7 Inch LCD

F42 cameraWith high-performance clip and high-resolution lens,F42 Mini Sports Camera can be used to record high-definition videos and take high-definition pictures. The built-in excellent wifi function can be controlled with APP software to make the practical experience more wonderful. This product is applicable to cycling, parachuting, gliding and other outdoor downhill extreme sports and sports events as well as aerial photography, media portable photography and other special environments.

With different image or video resolution choices, you can take HD pictures with 3000*4000 and HD videos with 1920*1080. Since different resolution requires different storage space, you can choose low resolution to save some space if you don’t have high demands. What’s more, you can set the exposure compensation by yourself to create unique visual effect. Compared to the products of it price range, the processor of Mini Sports Camera F42 has performance twice better so you can get the better picture quality. It combines powerful new functions with perfect technology.
F42 camera(1)30fp, 1920*1080 resolution, these strong parameters you could see only no the tags of some big and expensive cameras, now come with Mini Sports Camera F42. With such a mini size, this camera yet brings you the truly professional image quality. Amazing resolution, cycle recording and stereo system are all supported by it. Using this kind of camera, you can take continuous videos with frame rate of 30 or 60. You won’t miss any precious moment. To be another attractive point, thanks to its built-in wifi funcition, you can connect the Mini Sports Camera F42 with your smartphones to share real-time pictures or videos with your friends or family. When you are doing the extreme sports, they can watch the whole real-time process and feel the happiness and excitement from you. There is a color range of this unit for you to choose, which includes black, golden and white. Come and get the Mini Sports Camera F42 for fun and excitement!

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