HD 1080P Car DVR Help You To Reject To Be Racketeering

HD 1080P car DVR is a concealment type hd night vision car DVR. It adopted ultra wide Angle lens with 140 degrees, and the 1080 p hd screen resolution. Record in the process of car side AB column is clearly visible, image quality and exquisite bright. This design makes the photograph HD 1080P Car DVRwider field of vision, accident real-time record, eliminate blind Angle. Equipped with four high wattage infrared night vision, as the fill light in faint night light, the shooting effect is still bright, the front license plate can be clearly seen. The another feature of this car DVR is the built-in G-sensor, by the change of the force sensitive sensors’ auto focus, vehicle collision, was hitting vehicles would be aware of this startup emergency video and locking video software. This kind of video protect your legal rights and interests. What’s more, the built-in G-sensor will instantly induction to the collision, automatic delay, complete records the whole process of accident, and save the video.

In addition, HD 1080P car DVR abandoned the bloated shell, uses the compact design, convenient you use hidden installation, flexible use, keep the original car appearance. And it uses the new card buckle model, the high polymer material with high density, durable, easy disassembly. It is the worth to mention that ergonomic five to rocker button, the menu with the new design system, even if is the first contact with this product, also can easily get started. Machine operation keys are in the driver’s side, all conform to the vehicle electronic operation specification, very suitable for the majority of the driver to adjust in the driving.

A good car DVR will record clearly during your driving, for anti racketeering and blackmail, record the scenery along the way, divide the accident responsibility, strengthen the sense of justice to testify for others, to report illegal vehicles, capturing real-time news. HD 1080P car DVR can do these well!

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