Have you know the function of G1WH Car DVR?

What is the function of Car DVR? I think that there is a lot of people who do not fully know. Now the accidents occur frequently on the road, what is worse, some people suffered a traffic dispute. But as long as there is a G1WH Car DVR in your car, it can help you explain the happening in the truth. This is one of the reasons that more and more cars install a car DVR.

G1WH Car DVRIn fact, the function of car DVR has four. Firstly, the car DVR is equivalent of flight data recorder in the aircraft. It can record your entire process of driving after an accident, retains the most realistic scenario for the users who want to know what happened. When you are caught in an accident disputes, the record of G1WH Car DVR can be used as evidence. Secondly, car DVR is the nemesis of racketeer who wants to get money from you in the fake accident, these people would stare the novice and deliberately make an accident. You are likely extorted. If you have a car DVR, which can provide effective evidence to the police man.

Thirdly, it is convenient for us to facilitate the rapid of getting the claims from insurance. If you have no this video, the claim process will be relatively long. Conversely, if you provided accident videos directly to the insurance company, you can quickly get the claims payment. Fourthly, some brands of DVR, such as G1WH Car DVR, can be useful for nighttime parking monitored. In summary, with the car DVR, you have the evidence on accident disputes, the racketeering, involving claims and other issues. Save much time for the owner and bring the convenience. In the end, I suggest you not to buy too expensive car DVR, the general is enough.

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