Halogen Headlights for honda – Understanding the Differences Between Standard and Xenon Gas Bulbs

Halogen headlight bulbs are compatible with most vehicles. They are the most commonly used in vehicles, and have the capacity to produce bright illumination on the road. Replacement bulbs are available in different colors and styles. Ideally, you should choose an HID type headlamp system that requires a Xenon bulb.
halogen headlights for hondaA small amount of xenon gas is often found in halogens. This gas helps produce a whiter light and keeps deposits off of the tube. The reason why gas is required is because traditional headlight bulbs don’t have a very long lifespan. Because the tungsten wire is used up, the lifespan of the bulb is limited. Xenon gas increases the lifespan of halogen bulbs.

Most factory bulbs just have to meet minimum requirements, and in most cases, aren’t very impressive. If you have to do a lot of driving at night, you’ll especially want to improve your headlights. You can improve visibility up to 200% by changing your yellowish output light bulbs to a whitish output halogen bulb.
halogen headlights for honda halogen headlights for honda
Yellow light bulbs are ideal for fog, rain, and snow. Headlight bulbs with a pale yellow tint are ideal if you do a lot of driving at night and in bad weather. Most factory bulbs are standard halogen and operate between 55 and 85 watts. Unfortunately, more heat is produced than light. This is why you need to upgrade to an advanced halogen bulb with an inert gas, such as xenon.
halogen headlights for hondaWhen you’re shopping for bulbs, you’ll need to select a color. The higher the K rating, the lower the light output in lumens. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a kit with a high Kelvin rating. There is a misconception that they are brighter than those with a color of 6000 K. Light brightness actually DECLINES as the color temperature rises. For instance, a bulb with a rating of 10000K only produces 2200 lumens. In contrast, a bulb with a 6000K rating gives off 2900 lumens.
halogen headlights for hondaThe gas found in halogen headlight bulbs is usually xenon, krypton, or iodine. The filament can be heated up to 3000 K. The lifespan of a standard bulb can last for up to 6,000 hours. The lifespan of a bulb with xenon gas can last 3 to 5 times longer than standard halogens. The downside is that it’s much more expensive.

What about high intensity discharge bulbs? Keep in mind that a lot of HID self-upgrade kits aren’t legal. You could get a fine if you are caught with an HID light that didn’t come with the car. When shopping for halogen headlight bulbs, make sure that they’re street legal. Most online manufacturers will list them as being legal in their product descriptions.
halogen headlights for hondaYou can find the powerful motorcycle headlights at Banggood.com. Here is a halogen headlights for honda that may be an ideal choice for you. These halogen headlights for honda fit for Honda CB400, CB500, CB1300, Hornet600, Hornet900, VTEC, VTR250.

Here is the specs:

  • Bulb Type: Halogen
  • Color: Black&Chrome
  • Working voltage: DC 12V
  • Diameter: approx 20cm(as the picture show)
  • Note:Hand measurement will have a little discrepancy

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