H7 LED Fog Light Bulbs: They Are Protectors During Low Visibility

H7 LED Fog Light BulbsIf you think have headlights installed in your car and you do not need fog lights then you are wrong. Although the usage of both is same, that is to improve visibility on road. But the reason you need fog lights for your car is that they are designed to provide you better visibility during poor visibility as compared to headlights due to their greater capacity to penetrate especially in conditions like fog.

Here is the H7 fog light bulbs that may suit you. They comes with direct replacement without wiring needed to be used as replacement of reverse light, backup lights, turn signal light, corner light, side marker light, stop light, and parking light. These H7 LED fog light bulbs provide you with Constant current LED Driver Transformer with over load protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection.

Boosting high luminous efficiency, these lights are super bright, thanks to the CREE LED and project lens. And the high power COB chips and aluminum body can bring you excellent heat dissipation, low power consumption and long service life. Featuring fast on/off response time, you will meet no hassle or frustration with these H7 LED fog light bulbs. And they are environmentally friendly, without light pollution and energy saving.
H7 LED Fog Light Bulbs H7 LED Fog Light Bulbs
The whole size of these lights is about 17mm*64mm*33mm, perfect size for H7.

H7 LED Fog Light BulbsH7 LED Fog Light Bulbs specs:

Light Color: White
LED Style: 80W High Power.
Working temperature: -40℃ to 85 ℃.
Lumens: 500-700LM/bulbs
Color temperature: 6000-6500K

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