Great news for every driver – the most comfortable seat pillow

Being the symbol of one’s pride and social status, a car is the apple of the eye to many individuals. Cars have traveled a long way in the road of advancement regarding model, engine, and decorations of both exterior and interior. When it comes to the interior decoration of your automobile, it is very important to choose products with high-quality.


Interior decors of the vehicle play a vital role to provide a smooth and improved automobile experience for the person who is driving as well as the other passengers. WIthout proper and suitable interior decoration, even the latest model car can look like a piece of junk. A wide range of internal car decors is available in the present market keeping in mind the diversified individual taste, interest, and desire.

Xiaomi Car Seat Pillow

Among many brands that produce interior decors for automobiles, Xiaomi is a renowned brand name that manufactures accessories for not only electronic devices, but also for cars. In recent time, this brand has developed an exclusive line of car seat pillow to provide a greater level of comfort to the riders.

Xiaomi Car Seat Pillow

Product Details Of Xiaomi Car Seat Pillow

Xiaomi Roidmi Car Seat Pillow supporting both head and neck area with Lumbar Cushion Set for Back Support is made of special memory foam. Memory foam is made of aristocratic materials to ensure better comfort and durability of the product. Delicate and feathery pattern with a design of perfect fitting while sitting posture provides an impressive level of coziness yet solid and flexible support to the body. The S-shaped Lumber seat and the 3-dimensional neck pillow provide ultimate comfort during long drives.

Xiaomi Car Seat Pillow

The memory foam also has a unique feature to regain its shape within 5 seconds. No matter how long the seats are being used, they attain their original shape in no time providing the same comfort with each use. Xiaomi Lumbar Pillow is able to devour sweating of the body and bad smells because of the coffee extract used in the fabric keeping the car interior fresh and odor-free for longer. The bactericidal effect of the nano Zn-ion technology in the memory foam is not destroyed with frequent washing.

Xiaomi Car Seat Pillow

Featuring Specifications Of Xiaomi Car Seat Pillow

  • Material: Memory foam with a density of 60D(inside), the Outer Covering is made of Coffee Silk textile.
  • Pillow Dimension(Head & Neck): 232 cm X 175 cm X 95 cm, Lumber Cushion Dimension: 405 cm X 334 cm X 76 cm
  • Weight of the Pillow: 400 grams, Weight of the Cushion: 940 grams
  • Easy zipper system for effortless cleaning and reinstallation.
  • Customers can purchase either the Pillow or the Cushion besides the total package including both the products.


This latest Xiaomi car interior decor can be an incredible addition to your admirable vehicle as well as a perfect solution to your hurtful long drives.

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