GPS Vehicle Tracking System Is The Master For Anti- Thief

GPS Vehicle Tracking System is to use the tracker host receives the GPS signal in space, after the GPS signal analysis to calculate the geodetic coordinates, and then through the GSM/CDMA wireless network to the location of the report of the monitoring center of a pointing device.

It is a GPS anti-thief tracker that can no need to install. With extra strong magnetism, can place on the girder under the car. It adopted the high quality lithium battery, with anti-explosion steel shell can stand the high temperature up to 80oC. The capacity of the built in battery is 2200 mAh, can standby for 15 to 30 days, even in the alarm mode. It also will remind user to charge in time while it in the low power. GPS Vehicle Tracking System has the function that GPS positioning and base station location, can track the car in phone message and network. You also can tracking in the real time on the computer and replaying of historical running data. The alarming function had improve the alarming reliability and the product practicability. And the data collecting and upgrading of its unique custom landmark function to be the forefront in peers.GPS Vehicle Tracking System

It is suitable for vehicle anti-theft, make electronic virtual garage 24 hours a day, especially suitable for luxury vehicles and owners of personal safety protection, for example, kidnapping, robbery, prevent missing, etc. GPS Vehicle Tracking System also applies to household security, it is the personal bodyguard for valuables in the safe. In addition, because of its strong concealment, high security, can work all day, it also applies to electric vehicle anti-theft, when the vehicle is stolen, the stolen vehicle tracking monitoring, recovering stolen vehicles, and arrest criminals, the support of our electric car and motorcycle owners.

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