GPS Tracker Smallest Can Quickly And Accurately Positioning

Do you want to know where is your motorcycle or electric cars? Just ask GPS Tracker Smallest for help, it is applicable to any motorcycle. Electric cars, cars, etc. It is a tracker set multi functions in one. Now, let us take a see the several main functions.

The positioning function
By GPS satellite positioning and GPRS communication network will motorcycle. Electric current latitude and longitude, velocity, azimuth and elevation data back to the monitoring center.

The tracking function
In the motorcycle. Electric cars are stolen, stealing, service center can automatically by time or by way of distance tracking report to the police vehicle.

The manually captured alarm function
When meeting highwaymen, as long as the start the alarm button hidden installation in the car, the vehicle-mounted system will automatically send alarm signal to the control center, until receiving center response.

The battery power alarm function
When the robbers found hidden in the car installed in the car GPS Tracker Smallest and terminal power or destroyed by malicious cause a battery electric vehicle, due to the terminal with standby power, while still can send out alarm to the center. To attract the attention of the center.

The remote flameout function
On vehicle’s rescue of the hijacked the process, the center can according to the need of the rescue vehicles to stall, double insurance system is set, reducing equipment failure will not result in emergency.GPS Tracker Smallest

In addition to the above functions, GPS Tracker Smallest also has others, such as history query, driving record query, SMS function and so on. Its small size, high precision and can perform a remote location tracking, based on global positioning system (GPS) satellites, it can provide accurate position information under dynamic conditions. You can use these functions to achieve the goal of a security and other remote location such as asset protection and animal tracking purposes.

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