Good Quality DVR Battery SJ4000 Prolong The Serve Time

As digital products such as the widespread use of mobile phones, laptops and other products, lithium-ion battery with excellent performance is widely used in such products, and gradually to other areas of application development products, due to the lithium chemistry is very lively, making lithium metal processing, storage, use, the lithium battery has now become the mainstream. DVR battery SJ4000 with good quality, apply for DVR SJ4000.

In order to improve safety and the voltage, the shell with graphite and cobalt acid lithium materials such as to store lithium atoms. The molecular structure of these materials, formed the nanometer level of small storage grid, can be used to store lithium atoms. In this way, even if the battery shell is broken, and oxygen to, also because of too much oxygen, into these small store, making lithium atoms will not avoid contact with the oxygen blast. Because DVR SJ4000 has waterproof function, even in the deep of underwater 30 meter also can work normally. You can no need to worried about DVR battery SJ4000 will be damage by the leakage.DVR battery SJ4000

For able to use your DVR SJ4000 better, then you should use the battery correctly. Lithium battery core overcharge to voltage is higher than 4.2 V, will start to produce side effects. Of charging the higher the pressure, the higher the risk also follow. The voltage of DVR battery SJ4000 is limited in 3.7 V, if lithium batteries voltage higher than 4.2 V, the anode materials within less than half the number of lithium atoms left, store usually break down at this time, let the battery capacity to produce permanent decline. Therefore, lithium batteries, be sure to set the upper limit of voltage, can simultaneously to the battery life, capacity, and security. Charge DVR battery SJ4000 need to use the specific charger for only. Do not disassemble at random, in case for the accident occurs.

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