Go enjoy your beautiful journey with SJcam M10

SJcam M10(3)Are you going to have a trip? If you are, then are you going to record your beautiful journey? Recently, i have seen a journey recording video. It is super cool. That video taker went to Malaysia and record all the breathtaking scenery of Malaysia and his cool activities: green sea like a emerald, mysterious world under the sea, beautiful beach,  people playing cool acrobatics, night club, and many other interesting things. If you want to take an awesome video like him, then you should get a SJcam M10.

SJcam M10(1)As you may know, Gopro is a renowned brand for sports cam. However, for people who don’t have enough budgets, Gopro is rather far away from them. If you want a sports camera having strong features as well as being affordable, SJcam M10 is your best choice. First of all, it is rather small with a just 1.5-inch screen. For people who people who play sports and need video or photo taking, it is convenient and suitable. It can be mounted in many vehicle including bikes, skateboards, helmets and etc, to make it convenient for you to record. Besides, it is water-resistant up to 30 meters under water, which allows you to film fascinating water sports. In a word, it fits in almost all situations.

You may wonder if it can have good image quality at such price and i tell you it does. With 12-megapixel HD wide-angle lens, it can ensure you good-quality pictures and videos which you can’t get from other sports cam of its price range. And plus a Ultra HD screen, you can always get the videos or pictures you want. You can take various unique and awesome photos under single shot mode or snapper mode. For example, if you are skiing, you can use snapper mode to take a series of photos to better observe and improve your actions. What’s more, it supports HDMI HD output, AV video output, and storage cards up to 32GB which quite enough for you to record the whole journey. With detachable battery, it will be easy for you to replace and prolongs your SJcam M10 sports camera’s service life. To be another amazing point, it supports video encryption, which protects your privacy. This SJcam M10 cube action camera has mini appearance, diversified colors available including Black, Blue, Red, Sliver, White, Yellow. Come get your cute, powerful, and affordable SJcam M10 for your beautiful journey!SJcam M10 review

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