Get yourself a cool and powerful Osram Motorcycle Headlight

Osram Motorcycle HeadlightDriving a motorbike is never a safe thing. So you have to do good preparation to protect yourselves. And having a good headlight is one of the most important things for motorbike drivers. Without a the lighting up from a headlight, you will be very dangerous, especially at night. Accidents are easy to happen since you can’t see things clearly without enough light. Meanwhile, it is not easy for others to see you .

If you are looking for a good headlight for your Ebikes or motorbikes, here is one really suitable for you, the Osram Motorcycle Headlight. This light has come with aluminum alloy heat sink shell. Such materials is good for heat dissipation, ensuring the durability and safety. This head light provides you with four Osram lamp beads which can give out strong and bright light with long service life. The flux of it is among 800 to 1000LM. I have got one Osram Motorcycle Headlight for my lovely motorbike, and i was really surprised by its light, which lets me see the road clearly.
Osram Motorcycle HeadlightUnlike other headlights, this one comes with very easy installation. Just use your screw driver to drive out the two screws, put it in the right position, and then drive the screws in, job done! This size of this light is not very big or heavy, with the overall length about 9.8cm and overall width of about 6.8cm. It won’t look dramatic on your motorbikes. What’s more, it is pretty cool, with the full black body. For people who like simple and cool headlight, Osram Motorcycle Headlight is a good choice.

Osram Motorcycle Headlight Specs:

Osram Motorcycle HeadlightModel: CS – 050
Material: aluminum alloy heat sink
Power: light power is 20 W, the actual power is 12 W
Flux: 800-1000 LM
Lamp bead: osram lamp bead
Size: 6.8 * 5.5 * 5.5 cm
Wire length:About 50 cm
Tap button diameter: 2.0 – 2.5 cm
The input voltage: 12 V – 80 V
Light type: concentrated
Applicable models:  DC 12-80 V vehicle

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