ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 Review Detect Your Car At Any Time

ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 Review is used to detect fault of portable intelligent vehicle breakdown self check device, users can use it to quickly read the faults of car electronic control system, and through the LCD screen display fault information, quickly find out the failed parts and reason. To avoid the traditional car breakdown self check meter need to refer to the description of fault codes in trouble.
ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 ReviewIts small easy to carry, simple operation, high cost performance. ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 Review can read the data flow, read the important influence on the car running parameters, including: the engine speed, vehicle speed, coolant temperature, inlet temperature, the throttle opening, firing Angle, oxygen sensor voltage, battery voltage, etc. And can get parameters of the details, by using the parameters of the actual values compared with the reference to judge whether the parameters are abnormal.
Of course, the detecter might can not read the data sometime, then you should find the reason. Frist, you should check whether the detector test plugs and vehicle detection of the poor contact, clean plug and detection to try again. Second, it is probably the instrument software internal malfunctioned, measured again after upgrade in the device. Last, Detector, cable, test plugs, vehicle detection is not properly connected, check the connection again. There are some detect functions of ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 Review. Through the CAN and LIN communication module CAN be achieved with the dialogue between each electronic control unit ECU in the car, transmission as well as the status information of engine fault code. Through single chip microcomputer of synchronous/asynchronous transceiver can be serial communication with the PC to complete the data exchange, download the program, as well as diagnostic equipment upgrades, and other functions.

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