DVR X80 Is The Professional DVR

As the people who own a car is hard to avoid some accident, in the situation without the witness and camera, many car owners had become a victims. Let us suppose these happen to you, how do you slove it? If you had a DVR X80, you no need to worry about it any more. DVR X80 is designed using the latest technology to high-definition camera, can be used as a common hd video camera, is also a professional HD vehicle traveling data recorder can record file resolution up to 720 p high-definition photography. Use TF card as a storage device, small size, energy saving, easy to carry, compared with the traditional camera, hd video recording, can record more meticulous and perfect video images.

DVR X80 uses a 140 – degree super-wide HD quality collocation, make sure 140 degrees within the scope of no dead Angle, filming driving proof provide favorable evidence for you. As recorded in the memory card is full, can be automatically automatic video as cover, keep the new video don’t interrupt, but also can achieve a seamless connection, do not real seconds. DVR X80 has a key motion detecting function, after the open motion detecting, the goal of the camera began to move, X80 begins to video, in the case of parking monitoring, can save a lot of the content of the space, making effective video time longer. It has four infrared photography, as the fill light or image quality both in the night is the insufficient light place, can show clearly.DVR X80

DVR X80 can safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the driver, for many people across the road and ride a bicycle, a motorcycle scurrying about in the road, one thousand, and they had a bruised, is likely to be blackmail, if you have it, the driver can provide effective evidence for himself.

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