DVR SJ4000 With Complete Functions

Now, people want to buy a DVR not just for protect themselves in driving, also to record some wonderful time in daily life. DVR SJ4000 is a kind of multi-function DVR, it also a kind of sport DVR, you can use it to keep the amazing moment when you are sporting, especially extreme sports.

DVR SJ4000 is a kind of multi-functions with 12 million HD wide Angle lens, have a HDMI hd output function and the road to my camera function. Highest support 32 GB memory card, a variety of video recording format. This DVR also can dive with you, because of its waterproof function, it can high waterproof, able to dive into the depth of 30 meters to use convenient, fast , and flexible. HD 1080P video recording in MOV format. The 170 degree wide-angle , high-definition camera , with good low light performance , allowing you to shoot freely and broader. Moreover, DVR SJ4000 provide waterproof waterproof casing, make the waterproof function more powerful, convenient you wonderful water sports. DVR SJ4000

Because of its ultra light weight, only 44 grams and the appearance of the super mini fashion, DVR SJ4000 also suitable for extreme sports, outdoor sports activities, the bicycling, diving and some other outdoor sports. Built in high capacity polymer lithium battery , about 3 hours of continuous video recording.The LCD display, showing the various states of the camera and the remaining recording time , the number of photographs.

DVR SJ4000 is a super wide Angle hd outdoorsman universal waterproof camera, not only can replace the battery, also compatible with GOPRO HERO 3 parts, is by far the most powerful, the ratio of the highest outdoor sports camera. DVR, not to choose the most expensive, but the most suitable for yourself, DVR SJ4000 will the one that can meet your demands.


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