DVR SJ1000 With The Best-Selling

DVR SJ1000 is a kind of DVR with multi functions. You can use it as a car DVR, also can use in adventure, cycling, climbing, parachuting, skiing, surfing, scuba diving, traffic jam, road trips as well.

DVR SJ1000 built in HDR technology, wide dynamic range could take high quality images. HDR is wide dynamic range, let your photos both highlights and shadows part details are very clear. It is when you take the light than the bigger of the two works, it can narrow light, create a specular light, however, dark color don’t owe the image. DVR SJ1000 built in initiative speak load in miniature cameras, camera function by 9 AV value adjustment, can make the camera get bad exposure in different light, no matter day or night, light also clear picture.DVR SJ1000

DVR SJ1000 has second start function, At the time of auto start, it will automatically switch on the video, shut down automatically shut down and save the video, may forget to boot, or in any state, touch key, can quickly switch machine. Comes with a brand new international triaxial three-dimensional accelerometer, mutations in collision of emergency can be automatically lock the current video document. The motion detecting function of DVR SJ1000 can auto record and save when a moving object appeared in the front of the camera. In the normal form and normal in the video, if it is found that the front of the danger or nervous, press OK key, can lock when the video document, easy to obtain evidence.

Using removable battery is easy to change, it can prolong the service life. DVR SJ1000 has a lot of accessories, suitable for a variety of different environments, due to its waterproof function, you even can took it to dive. It will see all the beautiful underwater world with you.

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