DVR LS 650W Show You The Most Real Color

DVR LS 650W adopted dual lens, with 140 degree front lens, the 2.7 -inch 16:9 screen more intuitive, the screen resolution is 960 x240 (RGB); Emergency lock key, save important video at any time, a key mute function to protect the car privacy; After double footage written at the same time, the camera to provide a convenient while backing.

DVR LS 650W is the world’s first paste type vehicle traveling data recorder founder. It uses HD 1080P video, to present a clear and fine quality of image in front of, even at high speed can clear recording process. It is made of super wide Angle lens, vehicle around a corner ahead full records, how long is the right and left to a car, can also record. DVR LS 650W in addition to capture every moment with clear and fine quality, more efficient compression chip provides no leakage seconds seamless video, let each uninterrupted video, does not fear the instantaneous leakage accident record the important image.DVR LS 650W

The motion detecting function of DVR LS 650W is more advanced. Picture still stop video, when there is a picture in front of the moving object automatically start the video and save, avoid video record has no value. Use unconventional lithium battery design, even inside the hot summer, DVR LS 650W can work normally, even in a high temperature environment also can work.

Built-in G – sensor, when the vehicle a serious impact, emergency brake live body tilt will automatically save the current is recorded video at the same time, ensure that important information not covered by loop video. With DVR LS 650W, drive somewhere you don’t have to take red with camera, need not someone shooting scenery, with it, automatic recording shooting beauty beauty. Occasional accident, record the whole process of traffic accident, convenient traffic police investigations.

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