DVR LS 300W With The Best Picture Effect

DVR LS 300W adopted 16:9 widescreen design, has the WDR dynamic broadband technology, ensure the night shooting the brightness, equipped with large F1.6 aperture, 140 ° barefoot, support the full 1080 p HD, ensure not 30 FPS tell continuous shooting frame, using h. 264 mainstream video compression technology, facilitate storage, G – sensor file protection technology, at the instant of the accident record impact, brake, tilting, instant images.

There are five technology to guarantee the image quality of LS 300W.

Frist, F1.6 large aperture, light fully, imaging effect is good, low noise at night, the details better. DVR LS 300W uses six glass lens from Japan, fixed-focus F1.6 large aperture, which are only F2.4 isight camera aperture is actually that of the aperture is to provide the necessary for WDR capture dark to light.

Second, A8 core processor guarantee the 1080 P high definition image quality. DVR LS 300W uses DOD wholly-owned subsidiary Tiotech independent research and development of A8 core processing as the main control chip, easily support WDR double sampling specification under 1080 p. Supports large stream of data processing, and still ensure double sampling operation.

Third, WDR wide dynamic, guarantee the bright and dark details were included. Wide dynamic range will of bright and dark parts of the second sampling record, so as to realize scenario particularly bright and special dark parts of the site and see so clearly.DVR LS 300W

Four, 140° wide-angle, low distortion to ensure broad picture without distortion. wide Angle is not the bigger the better, wide-angle lens, although you can get more pictures, but easy to edge image distortion, excessive deformation picture decide the dispute caused by accident.

Five, DVR LS 300W passed the rigorous electromagnetic interference velocity, never interfere with GPS, cell phones, radios and other electronic products normal use.


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